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1967 Page


Back from the Paint Shop! (circa summer 1991)


I believe this is the first picture I have of the car back from the paint shop...just after I put all of the accessories back on.


Actually looks kind of mean with the full monochrome treatment.  (The photo looked a lot clearer a decade ago, though!)


Finally had a chance to lay some vinyl over the bare masonite door panels.  Note that there is no window crank handle...they got converted over to electric, along with the locks and seats!  At some point, when the interior was done. I actually pulled the tint off the windows so people could see in!  The "Heartbeat of America" stripes stayed on, though.


A shot looking into the cleaned up pretty nice.  Also had the seats and headliner re-upholstered in dove gray vinyl.


The battery got relocated to the trunk, as well as a trusty fire extinguisher...well, it did save the car from the fuel fire!


A little bit of double exposure photography shows the 283 neatly tucked under a semi-transparent hood.