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1967 Page


Bringing the Beast Home (circa late summer 1987)


Well, this is what I started out with.  It's not a super jewel...probably worth a couple thousand in today's terms though.  I can just see it on e-bay..."all original survivor...Extra Rare paint!"


Hey, this is high school...bondo is cheap, metal is expensive.  That little bit of rust will just give the metal more "tooth" for the bondo to bite into!


The interior wasn't terrible (as long as the lights were off!)


Decent Back Seat...maybe just some Armorall?  Also, note the Boom Box of the era.


This is where the money was...although you can't really see it, the engine was freshly re-built 283 that never gave me any trouble right up 'till the day I sold the car. time the little "black box" in the HEI went out, but it was only about 5 minutes 'till a friend of mine came along and offered a ride...aren't small towns great!