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1967 Page



Don't let that primer fool you into thinking the car is about done.  It's got a fair amount of bondo that I'm going to grind out and do the metalwork right.  It is also getting a new trunk floor and wheel wells, new interior floor, possibly new quarter panels all because of rust.  Also, note the pile of landscaping rock that I have to install before I even consider working on the Chevelle!


The old 305 - The previous owner was actually trying to do some work on it.  The engine, along with the Turbo 350 will be pulled out soon to make way for cleaning, painting, and eventually some new engine.  Ever since I was a kid, my favorite match-box car was a dark blue...something (OK, I was 4, I don't remember what model of car it was) but I do remember it had a big blower sticking out of the hood.  I would love to do something blown for the new Chevelle.  But practicality also plays in and I have also considered an LS-1 swap.  I guess I'll have to see what type of mood I'm in when I go shopping.


A shot of the interior - clean slate, huh?  I'd definitely like to get the power windows and locks back like my old Chevelle.  Be nice to have the power seats, too.