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Closing Thougts

A collection of ramblings and one line thoughts about cars and driving that I needed a place for:

It ocurred to me on the way home last night as I got caught up behind some old lady that could barely keep her car on the road..."It's a shame that so many people can drive a car, but so few know how to drive a car."


Heard on the news yesterday that the local Police slaughtered another innocent driver yesterday.  Today, the details were out...Turns out the cop was responding to a non-emergency (automatic burgurlar alarm) call with no lights or siren, yet he was traveling at a high rate of speed through a residential area when he ran a stop sign and "T-boned" a civillian in a truck.  The truck was bent into a pretty good "U" shape so the old pig must have been moving pretty good when he killed the guy.  For the ultimate touch of hypocracy, the cop wasn't even wearing his seat belt!