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The "Glamor" Shots

(Download the big animation (3MB) if you are on cable, modem users...probably quicker to just do the swap!)

Well, here we are...5-1/2 months...99% done!!  Granted, I didn't HAVE to have this car running for a daily driver so I wasn't in a huge rush to get it going.  There was also plenty of custom work and un-expected headaches that slowed me down, but here it is...running good, no codes, been to the car's looking about as good as I think it ever here are some shots of the work! All photos are clickable for larger image.

The old B16 cleaned up pretty well and so did the CRX engine bay.  May not be the fanciest swap out there, but there is still no reason for it to be dirty!

A shot looking into the engine bay from the drivers side.  You can see how the stock CRX throttle cable fit by simply wrapping a gentle bend around the master cylinder.  So far this has worked great, no binding at all.  You can also see the fuel pressure gauge I added to the fuel rail to keep tabs on the system.

Reverse angle looking into the engine bay.  You can just make out the transmission mount welded to the frame rail and a few loose wires that need to be tied up!

Another shot at the drivers side.  You can just make out the slight bit of massaging I did to the frame rail to get the alternator to fit and see how well the paint on the valve cover and on the homemade engine mount bracket touch-up matches the stock CRX.

A couple of different angles on the mount.  From here, you can also see part of the custom billet aluminum block that I made to bolt the rubber engine mount to.  I also did away with all the plastic covering the timing chain and water pump.  The thought is...1) Now I can SEE any problems that develop. 2) Timing belt and water pump maintenance are much easier. 3) I like watching things spin and move while the engine is running...ever since they took away belt drive water cooling fans, I have felt deprived!


Shot looking at the fire wall and the homemade anti-torque mount.  This is actually the cut-off end of one of the old Integra trailing arms. (I suppose any arm with a nice meaty rubber bushing would do)  I disassembled the stock CRX rear engine mount and set the base plate on fire to burn all the rubber off.  Once that was gone, I welded the Integra bushing into place and fabbed up a couple of steel brackets to link it to the transmission.  You can also see where the freshly packed CV joints have slung grease all over everything!


More Later!