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This is just a quick page that I have added to list some of the updates to my activities that are not major milestones in coiling performance.


Halloween night, I had the coil set up in the garage, some of the first runs with my new 490mA transformer.  I was putting way too much coupling and power into the coil, but didn't find that out until later in the evening after the little trick-or-treaters started showing up.  So I kept hitting the power and as a result, the secondary coil was toast.  I would like to wind a new one now that I have some practice under my belt...hopefully, something in the 8" x 30" range.


I have lost all of the "Corey's Tesla Coil" web page files in a (non-tesla coil related) hard drive failure.  I was very careful about backing the files up to a second physical drive, but when the main crashed I didn't even think twice about formatting the second drive, then the split second the drive light came on, I realized the mistake, but the files were gone.


Moving into a new house and much bigger, too.  Now, I can actually have a Tesla Coil Room! ...Once I figure out where I packed the dang thing!


I see the Tesla Coil Ring has been re-organized by alphabetical order, putting my page starting with the "(Another)" right at the top instead of 187th on the list...(they used to be arranged by age).  I chose "Another" because at the time, there seemed to be 2 or 3 people with the name "Corey" that had a page.  So now that I am close to first on the list, I should do a better job of updating the site.


OK, getting ready to post the addition to eternal house work, yard work, real "pays the bills" work, the DIY welder project, and the 67' Chevelle I just couldn't refuse since it reminded me of my highschool days (see Corey's Bio)...this has been a busy week.  I am also considering moving the TC and sister sites to a new server...this change should be transparent to all users, but will make updates far easier from this end.