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Hooking it all up

Now that the "B" is bolted in, I just have to hook up everything around it!  Getting some of the wiring done.  I found my self searching for a home for the ECU and TCU (engine control and transmission control)  Being lazy and not wanting to make two brackets, I pulled the lid off of both computers and pop riveted them whereever one goes, the other is along for the ride!  Then I had to find a new home for them.  I really wanted to keep the glove box so that was out.  I wanted to keep the space for the radio, too and I didn't want a huge bulge of wires running under the carpet to put the computers under a seat, so that was out too.  I finally found just the right spot to the right of the steering column.  A space just big enough...almost like it was made to stuff two computers in.  A couple of homemade brackets later and all is secured!

Spent most of this Saturday finsishing the rebuild on my front brake calipers.  Once those were done I could bolt up everything tie rod ends, new "custom" axles, Integra spindles with new bearings, etc.  Hopefully everything here will have a long and happy life as it's all new or totally rebuilt.  I also managed to find a company that builds performance sway bars for front and rear.  This may be an upgrade later in the year!

I went ahead and mounted a small trans cooler infront of the radiator.  This is in addition to the one that is inside the radiator.  The claim is that the cooler the fluid, the longer lived the tranny.  If course the "test" cited on the box shows that with a fluid temp of 190F (about the same temp as the radiator) the tranny will last 50,000 miles!  Ha!  I don't know if it will help too much, but it probably won't hurt.  Fluid is cheap and trannys are expensive!