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The Shake Down Runs


Well, as with any custom creation, there is a period where everything is done the way you intended it to be, but additional testing and run time reveal changes that need to be made.  So far, here is my list:

1. Fire wall clearance for EACV valve. FIXED
Because I wanted this to be an all around performance car, I located the engine as far back and as low down as reasonable.  If it were totally for drag race, I would have tried to put everything far forward.  Anyway, when all was said and done, a bolt on the EACV valve was "just" contacting a little bump-out on the firewall.  It made for a real "buzzing" noise in anything but granny-mode acceleration.

Solution - I initially thought this was due to my fabricated "Integra Trailing Arm" rear engine mount, but then I noticed the firewall interference.  Not really a problem, I just wound up putting a small pry bar in the gap and doing a little massaging of the firewall.  3/16 inch was all it needed, but WOW what a difference!  No longer like being inside a snare drum on acceleration.

2. Radiator
It is now "fall" here in the mid-west which means day time temps in the mid 70's for a high.  So far  the engine is keeping it's cool nicely with the stock CRX-DX radiator and one 10 inch diameter fan.  I'll have to keep a close look out next spring, though and see if it can still provide the cooling in the 100 degree days of summer.

04/08/03 - Boy...I don't know...we have had some 80 degree days and she is pushing 210 out on the highway.  I see Summit racing and/or Jegs have an aluminum "Sirocco" style radiator for $109.  It has a 1.25 inch core as opposed to my 1/2 inch core plus it is aluminum.  Guess I better be putting in my order!.

3. Fuel system
Even though I didn't seem to get a picture, there was a lot of custom fab work with the fuel system, too.  I used a 94 Del Sol VTEC pump, but mated it to the 87 CRX pick-up.  I think my joint is sucking air because the other day I went around a corner with about 1/2 tank of gas and the engine momentarily cut out.  I ordered a fuel inlet filter so I can drop the pump to the bottom of the tank in it's stock location.  We'll see how it goes in a couple of days.

04/08/03 - Would you believe I am still goofing around with the fuel system!  After the kinks with steel lines and the leaks with aluminum I wound up ordering some 250PSI hose and following the stock routing (through the interior of the car...remember the bottom is just a giant skid plate).  Now the freaking car smells like gas every is leaching through the hose just enough to stink up the car!.  When it gets warm I am going to run some stainless line 'cause this is pissing me off!

4. Mushy brakes
I now have Integra disks all the way around.  The brake pedal has a mushy feel.  I don't know if this is the result of still having some air in the lines or a smaller master cylinder (13/16")  I'm going to give the brake bleeding another try and see how that goes.  If nothing helps with that, I may upgrade to a bigger MC. ( (Still waiting on warm weather!)

5.  S3/S4 Transmission Switch - FIXED
This is supposed to be some sort of sport/econo shift as far as I know, but danged if I can tell the difference either way.  I will go back and check this wire soon.

Solution - I finally figured out that this is supposed to be a momentary switch instead of a toggle.  Also, all it really does is downshift a gear without having to move the shifter.  If I would have known that, I would never have gone to the trouble to wire it!

6.  Speedo calibration - Sort of Fixed
With all my speedo swaping and hybridizing, the speedo now only shows about 75% of what the real speed is (by my best calculations)  AFAIK, both the 1G and 2G speedo's looked the same.  I don't think the problem is with them so much as it is directly in the transmission.  So...somehow, I need to overdrive the input cable by about a 1.3:1 ratio.  My best thought right now is to machine a little gearbox that would sit on the tranny and provid the proper ratio.

Solution - After watching some interstate mile markers versus the odometer, I have concluded that the mileage is right on (<2% difference)  I think that the trouble may be when I re installed the needle, it needs to be positioned slightly different on the gauge face.  Will have to pull the cluster and try to set it closer...a job for warmer weather!

7.  Exhaust system noise - FIXED
Despite the fact that I took time to fully weld the exhaust system and use all the factory rubber hangers, there is still a metallic rattling in the pipes at about 2K RPM.  There is nothing under the car for it to bump against so I am still searching for the source of the rattle.

Solution - After several weeks of annoying rattle, the car went up on blocks and I made the decision that I was not coming out from under it, till I found the source with my trusty rubber mallet.  After a good beating of the pipes, I finally concluded that my brand new glass pack was at fault.  It seems some internal baffle was loose and the exact frequency of vibration at 2,000 RPM would ring the thing like a bell.  The guys at Advance Auto gave me a free replacement under warranty.  No more rattling!

04/08/03 - I take that back...I got the new one welded in, got everything back on the car, it was great for about two weeks then the EXACT thing started happening again.  Something inside the muffler is breaking down or breaking off...and it's pissing me off!  I guess I will have to climb under there and cut the exhaust off for the 4th time!