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CRX Web Ring - Just what it sounds like

E-toolbox - Online Shop Manuals for foreign and domestic cars.  Pretty Dang Cool! (The first time I visited this page, there were links for all model years on, on a different computer, it is blank?!?  Let me know if this link doesn't work I will see if there is anything I can do.)

The temple of VTEC - Tons of info for the Hybrid Newbie

Hybrid Forum - Search, Chat and post Q & A about Hybrid Honda's

Hondata - Some Good Wiring Diagrams & Tech Data

Killer "B" - A Primer on the "B" series engine blocks  a.k.a "the 350 Chevy of imports" as the article calls it.  Forgot where I nabbed this file...I'll try and find out, and get the photos back, too!

VFAQ - Visual Frequently Asked Questions - Extensive "How To" documentation (with photos!) of a wide variety of car repair/ maintenance subjects.  I believe this is an Eagle Talon / DSM page but many of the concepts adapt directly to imports.

FAQ Antifreeze - Good page on how antifreeze works, how to keep your car cooler, some trade-off's to consider.

FAQ Batteries - Keep your battery in top health, things to consider when buying a new battery.

FAQ Gasoline - Good info on how octane works, winter gas, summer gas, aviation gas, octane boosters, etc.

FAQ Oil - Bob is the oil guy!  Forum for people who obsess about engine oil.  Also info on how to send your engine oil out for an inexpensive test to determine the engine health. - Repair library, a whole list of How-to - Page on window tinting tips, tricks, laws, how to get professional results

Wheel Weights - Extensive database of stock and after market wheel weights.  Sort by size, manufacturer, vehicle, etc.


Majestic Honda - Another on-line honda parts dealer...not the greatest prices (I actually found an $8,000 (eight thousand dollar) distributor!)  BUT, they have drawings of most every part, just like at a dealership. - Variety of import parts, great prices...even price match guarantee.  Personal service, great to do business with. - I haven't tried to buy a Honda radiator here, but they had the absolute best price for the radiator in my girlfriends Geo...about 60% less than the local auto parts stores.  I ordered one day and the radiator was delivered the next.  If only everything was this fast, accurate and cheap!

Houseman Autosports - Fiberglass for the 1G...hood, doors, hatch, body kit.  I'll pass, but you may want it.

HASport - Good Diagrams, Photos, Info.  They also sell parts for most any swap although they seem to be a bit high...$450 - 650 for a set of motor mounts!!  JEEZUS-H-CHRIST!!!  Does that come with a tube of KY so I can have some lube when I get screwed up the ass??  Buy you self a kick ass welder for $450 build your own motor mounts and keep the welder as a souvenir!!

On A side note, I called HASport today to order the set of custom axles for my swap.  I talked with Joe the first time and Trian the second.  Both were quite knowledgeable and friendly.  I placed my order with Trian who was very careful to make sure all the info was correct and offered "If you have anymore questions about the swap or the axles, just give us a call" for right now, I'll give them good marks for professionalism, but still pricey!

Red Pepper Racing - Canadian - 1G forum and some info and parts.  U.S. peeps will probably find better bargains at the individual companies, but the Canadians may save some cash by not having to import from the states.

Wholesale Hyperformance - Tons of parts at decent prices, Including elusive 1G CRX sway bars by Suspension Techniques, Inc.

GCK World - Supplier of new OEM quality half shafts.  Pretty good prices their on-line catalog also lists the lengths of the shafts so you can take measurements of your set-up for comparison.


90-93 Integra Transmission Control Module Pinouts - A little chart I made to help visualize the TCM Pins

90-93 Integra Shift Position Switch Pinouts  - Same type of chart, but for the SPS Pins

Hondata PR3/PW0 Wiring Corrections - Wiring diagrams for the B16A-PR3 / PW0 computer..  Also includes a  list of the things that didn't match up between my engine/ECU and the chart on the Hondata web page (which is also reproduced on my page)

Other Web Pages

Scottie's Honda Wagon Page - A built B16 in a Honda Wagon!

Steve's Del Sol Page - Turbo Automatic Del Sol!

Zerofighter 777 - More Automatic Info -  tons of info on foreign and domestic cars, trucks, suv's, motorcycles...just about anything with an engine