It's Alive! - 50,000 miles and counting!


Design goal - Junkyard Wars meets JDM.  A ratty, mostly stock looking CRX on the outside, 

with a heart of B16A power under the hood

Engine (B16A Swap!) / Automatic Transmission

    Part 1 - Why Swap
    Part 2 - My Ebay Find
    Part 3 - Out with the Old
    Part 4 - In With the New
    Part 5 - Hooking it all Up
    Part 6 - Still not working
    Part 7 - It's Alive - Ironing out the details
    Part 8 - J. Davis to the Rescue
    Part 9 - The Shake-Down Runs
    Part 10 - "Glamor" Shots

    Future Possibilities...A B16 / B18 in a Honda Insight?!?

Specific Areas of Interest

   Brakes / Suspension / Wheels / Tires
   Paint / Body / Add-on's


   Interesting CRX Links / B16A Info / Wiring Diagrams by me and others
   Guide for 1G CRX Drum Brake to 1G Integra Disk Brake Swap
   Guide to homemade motor mounts
   Guide to wire splices
   Guide to 4-wire O2 conversion

Maintenance Diary

Closing Thoughts

E-mail me if you have questions about the car.